“When it comes to web, the next greatest thing quickly becomes yesterday’s greatest thing. The industry moves quickly –  and I gain satisfaction from helping my clients navigate these changes and watch their businesses reap the rewards.

The style and vision of these websites is a collaborative effort among my team, my clients and myself.  I am so thankful for being a part of their success stories.  I am also so proud of my web design and coding team who, around the clock, provides us with an extensive array of options and ideas which enables full customization of graphical details and web functionalities.  Big shout out to this can-do attitude .

nihle – Take the last 2 characters of my first name “Kani”,plus my middle initial “h”, add that to the first 2 characters of my last name “Leung”, we have nihle.  Working with nihle for your online business needs will give you the best of my 10 years experience in the advertising, marketing and web industries, and the core of my belief in project management.”  Kani Leung




With more than 10 years experience on projects of every size and scope, Kani is strategic, results-oriented and knows the ins-and-outs of a industry that is always evolving.

Kani is in the business of building long-term client relationships. She offers continuous solutions that meet the website and marketing needs of your business at every phase so you can keep your focus where it needs to be.

With Kani, you’ll gain a partner who will guide you step by step through the process of creating and managing your online presence and building your brand.




A trusted team. Kani works closely with some of the best graphic designers, website designers and developers in the field. They have all earned her trust and proven their ability to deliver finished work on time and on budget.  As a team, they are skilled at matching your vision with every feature/function to support your business goals.

What can you expect?

Someone to present you with design options and navigate every step of the process / Someone to manage your website over time so it continues to serve you / Someone to enhance your brand and offer the latest digital media solutions / Navigating projects and keeping them on time (and on budget) is Kani’s strength / A partner – from conception to deployment / etc.




Reasons why you might be looking for Kani: 

You need a website / You have a website but it’s not working / You have a website and it’s working but it’s not branded properly / You have a web project you need to get off the ground / You need someone to manage your web store and market your products / You need to promote your business but aren’t sure where to begin / Your website has coding errors / You have an idea / Your website is down / You have web related questions unanswered / Your website is hacked / Your marketing materials need a digital version / etc.