Profile: Kani Leung

A digital project manager and web designer offering seamless experiences for you and the users of your website. 

web design, digital marketing & project management

Simple, Intuitive and Aesthetically Pleasing.


I can build an user and SEO friendly website from start to launch within 24 hours;  I have also worked on large-scale proprietary projects that last more than a year. There is no website that is too big or too small.  Understanding your business needs is my top priority so we can create a user experience that drives customer engagement, and follow it up with a customized digital marketing strategy.

My team codes, so you don't need to.

Westport Web Developer

   Being in the web industry for over 13 years, I learned that a customer-centric and experience-driven website is what wins the race.  Design is subjective, but functionality is black and white. I have the special recipe for making websites work their magic, in converting regular site users to potential customers.

Get your digital ducks in a row.


As a project manager, I will help you put a digital marketing plan together that is easy to understand.  From scoping work, scheduling tasks, creating timelines, QA and testing; To designing, launching and promoting websites - I offer an All-In-One service that is manageable, trackable and effective. 

Learn how to get your site up and running within 24 hours.

Have a question? just ask.

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