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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Kani H Leung | nihle

“Orders come through daily”

“Mr Mailbox LLC has several years experience working with Kani Leung in the maintenance and periodic upgrading of our website, now in its 5th generation.  Kani has gone the extra mile, examining  our business model and working from a customers perspective to produce a dynamic, user-friendly, inter-active website.  The website enables customers to select and preview various models of mailboxes, in a range of  colors, and choose custom personalization.  Add to this; post selection, method of delivery or, installation details and optional accessories. The choices are endless but easily mastered through the website functions.  Though regular contact, sharing of ideas and lots of serious effort, Kani constructed a site that does it all and does it well. Orders come through daily. Frequent customer praise is another measure of success.  I congratulate Kani on her achievement.”


Peter Zareski, Owner/ General Manager, Mr. Mailbox LLC